Discover the Cannabis Dispensary Revolution in Kittery, ME!

Dive into a world of invigorating flavors and wellness at the East Coast Cannabis outpost in Kittery, Maine! Venture through our doors to reveal a vast collection of artisanal cannabis products, carefully cultivated and curated with your delight in mind. Our Cannabis Dispensary in Kittery, ME, is your one-stop hub for all things cannabis, presenting a blend of holistic health and, quite simply, joy for our customers.

But we’re more than a cannabis company in Kittery. Extend your journey in York Cliffs, where our Beer Store awaits. Uncover a universe of craft beers from renowned and emerging breweries alike from Eliot, ME, and beyond. We’re infatuated by the rich profiles and the craft behind every unique beer, warming your heart, and satisfying your tastebuds.

At East Coast Cannabis, we’re more than a dispensary; we’re a community sharing our passions for premium craft beers and the best cannabis products in Maine. So, if you’re near Eliot, Maine, join our tribe in Kittery and York, revel in our union of ‘hoppiness’ and happiness!