Exploring the Green Scene in New Mexico

Discover the vibrant cannabis culture in New Mexico with our guide to fun and exciting activities near Sacred Garden’s locations. From scenic hikes to culinary adventures, there’s something for every cannabis enthusiast.


  • Embark on a hiking adventure at the Sandia Mountains and take in breathtaking views while enjoying your favorite strain.
  • Indulge in the flavors of New Mexican cuisine at local eateries like Cervantes, known for their cannabis-infused dishes.
  • Attend a Cannabis Convention to learn about the latest products and trends in the industry.

Santa Fe

  • Explore the rich art scene by visiting the cannabis-friendly galleries and exhibitions around town.
  • Unwind at one of the relaxing spas that offer cannabis-infused treatments.
  • Join a culinary tour to sample the city’s renowned cuisine while learning about the local cannabis scene.

Las Cruces

  • Discover the outdoor adventures in the Mesilla Valley, from hiking to hot air ballooning, while enjoying your favorite cannabis products.
  • Attend a local event or festival that celebrates the vibrant cannabis culture.
  • Visit the historic sites and museums to learn about the region’s rich history and traditions.

No matter which Sacred Garden location you visit, you’ll find plenty of exciting and cannabis-friendly activities to enjoy. Explore the diverse offerings of New Mexico while indulging in your love for cannabis.